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The marketing support material provided by Sutherland Health is often tailor-made for individual clinics however a number of items can be beneficial to all

Sutherland Health has also worked on a number of specialist projects that have involved a greater degree of support and is keen to share these details with others who maybe able to benefit from our expertise.  An outline of some of the projects can be seen below however if this is something that you would like to hear more about then please contact us. 

  • Setting up condom distribution schemes 
  • Setting up and managing GP’s distributions schemes 
  • Designing the identity/logo for new schemes 
  • Sourcing promotional merchandise to promote the clinics services 
  • Conducting telephone questionnaires to ascertain feedback 
  • Working with local radio stations and nightclubs 
  • Providing bespoke dispensing bags for distribution 
  • Producing bespoke promotional condom wallets, clinic cards and posters


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Sutherland at Procurex Wales 2017

Sutherland at Procurex Wales 2017


Final Results 30th September 2016

Sutherland Health Group Final Results September 2016

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