Vision® hCG Pregnancy Midstream

Professional only, hygienic, easy to use pregnancy test with 4 methods of use for a more versatile yet accurate test

Product Information:

The Company launched into the diagnostic market for the first time with a pregnancy diagnostic device.  Vision hCG Pregnancy Midstream was launched to fulfil a demand for a more versatile but still accurate test. 

The Vision hCG Pregnancy Midstream enables professionals to select one of four different methods of use, which enables health professionals to use the tests in the various settings that best suits their needs.


•      4 easy sampling procedures:
        - Dip
        - Pipette
        - Urine Stream
        - Dip & leave in sample
•      Results in 3 minutes
•      Results stable for up to 10 minutes
•      Proven accuracy of more than 99%
•      Sensitive to 25mlU/ml hCG in urine – can detect pregnancy on day of missed period
•      Inbuilt control to confirm that test has been performed correctly
•      Easy to use – 2 blue lines confirms pregnancy
•      All tests individually foil wrapped
•      Compact & easy to use
•      Can be stored & used at room temperature (18-30°C)
•      Hygienic sealed unit after use

Each box contains 20 individually foil wrapped tests.

Please contact us for a either a PDF or a hard copy of the product instructions for use leaflet.

View our product promotional leaflet

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