Sutherland® Lubricating Jelly TEST

Universal Sterile water-based Lubricating Jelly

Product Information:
Sutherland® Lubricating Jelly is a sterile, water-based universal lubricant dispensed in a single-use 5g sachet to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. It is an ideal vaginal, surgical or gynaecological lubricant that is water soluble. It is suitable for general hospital procedures and instrument examinations such as endoscopies and ultrasound.  It will not harm human tissue, rubber or metal appliances.  It is also condom and diaphragm compatible.

The sachets are already in use in many NHS hospitals and GP surgeries where it is a leading brand. Sutherland® Sterile Lubricating Jelly can be used for liquid-based cytology (with the exception of the ThinPrep® system). It has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and is suitable for Vegans. Sutherland® Lubricating Jelly is proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Product Benefits:

Sterile and water-based
Condom & diaphragm compatible
Suitable for vaginal, gynaecological and surgical lubrication
Suitable for Liquid Based Cytology*
Greaseless, transparent and fragrance free
Not harmful to human tissue, latex or metal appliances
On the drug tariff – available on prescription
Available in tubes or single use sachets to help reduce cross-contamination
Vegetarian Society approved



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