babskin L-Shape Cushion

Large L-shape cushion with available washable cover.

babskin L-Shape Nursing Cushion

Product Information 

The babskin multi-purpose L-Shaped Cushion orthopaedic design provides extra support when sitting up in bed or in an armchair. The pillow is also ideal for supporting your back, neck and tummy during pregnancy and gives great support while sleeping. Place the pillow between your knees and ankles or around your back to help ease pressure points.

The babskin L-Shaped Cushion can also be used while breastfeeding. The pillow supports your baby in the optimal position for breastfeeding which reduces discomfort for the parent and supports your baby's spin. The soft clean white cover provides a luxury soft feel and can be washed for extra hygiene. 
When approximately 3 months old, a baby can rest within the arms of the cushion to aid the digestion process and when learning to sit up themselves, the pillow can be positioned around baby to cushion them to reduce the chance that they topple backwards



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