babskin Bottle Cleaning Brush

Suitable for a wide range of multipurpose cleaning tasks.

Product Information

The babskin Bottle Cleaning Brush features natural nylon made bristles that make the babskin Bottle Cleaning Brush suitable for a wide range of multipurpose cleaning tasks.  They are ideal for cleaning baby feeding bottles and teats, sports bottles, kitchen kettles and hydration packs.  

Each brush is made using high quality natural nylon bristles held in place by durable twisted metal. babskin Bottle Cleaning Brushes are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest specification.

Available in small and meadium size.




Small brush product size:                                                                                              

Length 18.5cm, brush head length 6cm, brush head diameter 3cm.  

Medium brush product size:                                                                                           

Length 19.5cm, brush head length 7.5cm, brush head diameter 5cm. 



1058 babskin Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush 0.3mm Medium 10 10
1059 babskin Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush 0.25mm Small 10 10


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