Vision® Amniotic Leak Detector

Self testing amniotic fluid detector; a panty liner with a diagnostic indicator strip which changes colour when amniotic fluid is detected

Product Information:

Encountering wetness is a common occurrence for pregnant women. So how would you know whether your wetness is amniotic fluid or urine, unless you visit your hospital or midwife? The easiest and most discreet way is to use Vision Amniotic Leak Detector (ALD).

The new innovative Vision ALD is a non-intrusive and easy to use self-test for the possible detection of amniotic fluid leakage during pregnancy. Amniotic fluid leakage that is left undetected can cause a host of complications to both mother and the unborn baby.

Vision ALD is used by pregnant women in the following situations:

•       Whenever encountering unidentified wetness or
•       After amniocentesis or
•       To determine whether waters have broken

Early detection of amniotic fluid leakage can help to:

•       Prevent the risk of infection from mother to baby
•       Prevent complications or premature birth
•       Identify a possible membrane rupture, especially after amniocentesis
•       Confirm that waters have broken

The benefits for a mum-to-be to continuously monitor between possible amniotic fluid leakage or urine are:

•      Helps prevent false alarms that cause unnecessary stress and doctor, hospital or midwife visits
•      Gives the mum-to-be extra peace of mind while she waits for the delivery of her baby

How Vision ALD works:

Vision ALD detects elevated pH levels which may indicate amniotic fluid leakage. A pH level greater than 5 will stain the indicator strip a blue-green colour. A normal vaginal pH is 3.5 to 4.5. 
Clinical trials have shown that Vision ALD demonstrated a sensitivity ranging from 95.7% to 100%.

Vision ALD at a glance:

•     Easy to use self-test, used just like a regular panty liner
•     Gives the convenience of ‘at home’ testing, which is non-invasive
•     Can be used by all pregnant women to differentiate between urine and possible amniotic fluid leakage
•     Reacts to the smallest amount of amniotic fluid leakage
•     Allows for early detection of amniotic fluid leakage, which if left untreated can cause a host of complications for both mother and the unborn baby
•     Continuously monitors amniotic fluid leakage, therefore giving the mum-to-be extra peace of mind


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